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What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a simple text file, whose composition refers directly to the content of the page's address. Examples of cookies such as basic information collection include items such as: IP addresses, languages, etc.

How does a Cookie work?

The moment you visit a web page for the first time, it directs a Cookie in the form of a response to the user's browser, containing your preferences. The file is saved until the moment when it expires, allowing to optimize navigation information automatically in times of search, for example.

How long does a Cookie last?

Although the associated risk is small - except in some addresses associated with e-mail, for example - the cookie can have a variable validity with durations ranging from short periods of time to years.

Be safe when in use of Cookies

It is recommended that all cookies be erased in situations where their use is made from e-mail accounts from shared devices. The use of access to private accounts to the respective e-mail must therefore capture greater attention on the part of the user, under penalty of loss of privacy when successive use of the same devices by different subjects, avoiding, when deleting them after access to the pages with the aforementioned nature, the involuntary sharing of personal information.

Best of Douro only makes use of the necessary and indispensable cookies for the normal functioning of the website. No other data will be captured

Terms and ConditionS

User Terms and Conditions

By accepting access to the Best of Douro page, the user equally and expressly accepts the terms and conditions that govern our usage policy. The user must take responsibility and inform himself periodically in relation to the terms and conditions expressed, as a way of updating regarding any existing alteration, at any time. As the user is responsible for the use associated with the page, he / she assumes a conduct in accordance with the principles of good faith, morals and public order, recognizing the respect for them in accordance with the legislation in force, be it of a national character, or supra national . Responsibility will be regulated by the user himself, in a responsible manner, and it is up to him to be aware of the relative proportionality between receiving the information and using it, in accordance with the law in force, expressly accepting the risk of his acts. No liability can be attributed to Best of Douro for any damage, or damage to computer devices accessing the page due to any form of virus, or spyware, information theft, malfunction, or communication failure. Any of the links on the present page is for information purposes only. Since Best of Douro is the owner of the copyright of the content expressed on the website, it reserves the right to always grant them after prior authorization from the respective administration, under penalty of the user incurring in copying or misusing them. legal violations and usurpation of rights, assuming and accepting, in doing so, submission to the law in force. No data, whether of a visible nature, or invisible to the user - such as "meta data" - may be copied and reproduced, the user assuming the legal responsibility for his act of violation or attempt against fair competition, or copyright, The contents of graphic components are also covered by the protection due to the fact that they are exclusive to Best of Douro, following the same assumptions of use and respect for the law in force of any other type of content present on the various pages of the website.

Privacy Policy

Third Party Connections

The links present on this website are composed of direct access links on the same page, to other Best of Douro sites, or associates and to the website creator, without representing any traffic manipulative campaign, by providing only related information. The only exception made will be the creation of content that will refer to the author of the same, always without any implicit link related to the contents and understanding of them in a single way, on the website.

Databases and Privacy

The creation of databases through registration has the sole purpose of periodically informing about changes in functioning, changes in address, new products associated with the company, as well as communication for relational purposes between the company and its associates, or users. No data will, at any time, be voluntarily shared with third parties, seeing that Best of Douro is obliged, if any, to periodically communicate its lists to regulatory authorities, in compliance with the law in force, namely with the National Commission of Data Protection. Any communication or sharing of email, or personal information, is done voluntarily, the user knowingly accepting the use given and communicated by these terms and conditions.

Acceptance and Binding

The user of the services available on this website declares that he accepts and respects the conditions expressed here. Any clarification should be requested and provided through the contacts duly identified in the appropriate section. Our services protect the security of the personal information of the users of the site with all the rigor and the personal data are treated with the guarantees of security and confidentiality provided for in the Law of Protection of Personal Data - Law No. 58/2019, of 08 August .

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